Biomedical Departments

And Societies To Initiate Partnerships

Good Day Everyone,

I have been working on medical missions now for over 6 years and these last 2 years have been very difficult as it pertains to donations.

I am hoping that a more direct way of assisting these 3rd would clinics and hospitals would be to ask you all to discuss having a dedicated sister hospital that you all could work with directly or through one of the many worthy mission organizations. This way you would be able to feel more connected with whatever you donate and feel as though you are directly saving lives.

I am currently working with Orfan Grain Train, which is performing medical missions in Chenendega, Nicaragua and the Luz  Fund who works in Hildago, Mexico  and Juanjui, Peru.

I would be glad to provide any IRS non profit documentation and anything else you would request.​ I believe that every medical mission organization would greatly appreciate your assistance.

These 3rd world facilities are in great need of equipment that is operational and I can tell you from my own experience that broken devices cab be expensive if not impossible to repair due to extreme old age or manufacturers unwilling to sell parts, you all have been through this.

Currently there is a great need for ESUs, monitors, incubators autoscopes and beds. There are many facilities that could use endo systems and arthroscopy systems, that are just sitting in your storage rooms or if you are trading in, just let your salesman know that the tradeins are going out of the country and they are usually very willing to let them go, just an idea.

If anyone has suggestions please let me know.

All the Best

Scott Winokur, CBET
Please contact me at

Please consider signing up for a medical mission, your time will not be wasted, when you see how your services are so appreciated, even the little things are loved.