Improving Quality And Saving Costs

With Flexible Service Agreements

By Joseph A. Haduch, MBA, MS

As hospitals are restructuring to meet new government mandates, and as facilities are moving toward more accountable models of care, clinical engineering managers are tasked with finding creative ways to cut back on expenses and offer greater service value to their organizations. UPMC/Biotronics is no different from any other hospital or health system facing these constraints, so we have had to figure out innovative ways to approach our business.

One of the ways we are looking to reduce service expenditures for our in-house clinical engineering department is by reviewing existing contracts with OEMs and finding ways to work cost-effectively together as partners. Especially with hospital consolidation becoming more common as healthcare reform evolves, finding ways to work with a flexible OEM to tailor service agreements is a necessity for any growing health system.

In today’s fiscal environment, there is certainly an ebb and flow when it comes to business and revenue. As many clinical engineers know, the amount of service coverage and risk that a hospital assumes on a piece of equipment often depends on the budget allocated to that device. Flexible service contracts allow biomedical departments to respond to these fluctuations by increasing or decreasing the amount of coverage on a piece of equipment or modality, depending on changing organizational or department needs.

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From 24×7 Magazine Service Solutions

Published on January 31, 2014.