Gates Foundation Inventions

Tech Innovation For Worldwide Health

The Gates Foundation is predicted to save the lives of 7.6 million children under 5 from 2010-2019.  And has already saved:

3.4 million from Hepatitis B
1.2 million from Measles
560 thousand from HIB Bacteria
474 thousand from Whooping Cough
140 thousand from Yellow Fever
30 thousand from Polio
and 8 thousand from Pneumonia

Bill Gates is part of the Giving Pledge.
In which billionaires pledge to give away half of their net worth to philanthropic causes.

The Gates Foundation pushes “agile” and “accelerated” grants.

A two page application can equal $100,000 in funding (renewable twice a year) with follow up grants up to $1 million.
Grants solving our most basic problems:
Number of grants by continent, mapping out would probably work.
North America: 66 grants
South America: 4 grants
Europe: 28 grants
Africa: 20 grants
Asia: 14 grants
Oceania: 7 grants

Since 2008, there have been some amazing success stories

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Contributed By:
Emily Maynard
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