Successful Clinical Engineering In Healthcare Uncertainty

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Thursday, January 16th @ 2:00 pm Eastern

Improve Performance: Lessons from Clinical Engineering Departments to Succeed within Healthcare Uncertainty.

The webinar features three speakers and a panel discussion on how their departments are responding to macro healthcare reform trends with approaches such as capital planning and forecasting, comprehensive asset management and creative productivity tools and technologies.  Learn successful clinical engineering practices during the changes of healthcare reform.
In this session, you will:
– Understand macro U.S. healthcare reform environment and resultant impact.
– Hear from clinical engineering directors and how their organizations are proactively evolving for optimal financial, quality and operational efficiency success.
– Develop personal insights for strategies to adopt in your own clinical engineering department for continued success.

Featured Speakers:
– Izabella Gieras
Director of the Clinical Engineering Department
Huntington Hospital
– Rob Bundick
Manager, PHC Biomedical Engineering
ProHealth Care
– James Piepenbrink
Director of Clinical Engineering & Clinical Asset Management
Boston Medical Center

– John Bethune
24×7 Magazine

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