Beatband Sleeve From RadioShack

Wear your heart on your arm with the Beatband Sleeve.  You’ll combine a pulse sensor with a DIY Arduino microcontroller (and a minty tin) to create this wearable heartbeat-blinking project.  Connect the sensor to your body wherever you get a good pulse reading, and display your heartbeat on the five flashing LEDs. Wear it while you run, play video games, or even while you meditate to show your calming heartbeat ryhthm.

This project goes through several iterations of the circuit.  First you’ll build a fully functional Arduino on a breadboard using the parts from a MintDuino kit.  Then you’ll re-flash that circuit with the program for the Pulse Sensor.  Finally you’ll transfer the circuit to perfboard and fit it all inside the tin for a fun, wearable project that slips into a sports armband.

CLICK HERE  for more details and to view the video.

CLICK HERE  to view/download the construction specifics PDF file.