Operating From The Comfort

Of Home Or Office

By: Dr. Stephen Shrewsbury

Operations performed by robots?  While the surgeon is thousands of miles away?  Star Trek fiction – or tomorrow’s health care fact?

Yes, surgery really will soon be performed remotely over the Internet, with surgeons working thousands of miles away from the patients they are cutting.

And that is not all that is going to change as we enter the Golden Age of Medicine. Remote surgery is just one of many advances that is going to dramatically change how healthcare is delivered. explains Dr. Shrewsbury, formerly a family doctor working in the UK’s National Health Service but now a serial Chief Medical Officer to some of North America’s most pioneering biotech companies.

Remote surgery is fact.  In 2001, the first remote operation, the so-called Lindbergh operation, was performed by Dr. Jacques Marescaux. From his New York office, he performed a cholecystectomy on a woman in Strasbourg, France.  Like the first TranAtlantic flight by Charles Lindbergh, this pioneering telesurgery was hailed as a breakthrough.  It used state of the art fiber optic technology to allow Dr. Marescaux to manipulate surgical instruments on a different continent, in a different time zone, all from the comfort of his office.

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