Medical Device Cybersecurity

Risks and Legal Review

Webinar On Friday, November 8, 2013 @ 11:30 am Eastern

The Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society is pleased to present the next installment of our Webinar Series.

This session will highlight an emerging risk to the security of medical devices.  Such devices are vulnerable to hacking and other security incidents.  Not only does this result in a data breach, it puts patient safety at risk as has been demonstrated by cases in which insulin pumps have been hacked and reprogrammed to deliver well over the recommended amount of insulin prescribed for the patient. Increasingly, medical devices are integrated into the information technology systems of institutions such as hospitals where the information they record is wirelessly transmitted to and incorporated into the patient electronic medical record or transmitted using the hospital network.  We will review the nature of the risks that may be posed by medical devices security breaches and propose recommendations for the management of these risks from the privacy, procurement and information technology perspective, including the recent initiatives in the United States.

– Anita Fineberg, LL.B.
Health Lawyer Network
– Debby Shapero Propp, LL.B.
Health Lawyer Network

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