It’s Time To Communicate

Regular communications between the clinical engineering (CE) department and the wider hospital community not only keeps other departments informed about CE activities, but also conveys the value that CE brings to the institution.  Here is a list of topics and information that CE should consider conveying to various groups within the hospital.

The clinical engineering department — sometimes referred to as health technology management or biomedical engineering — plays a critical role in keeping a hospital’s patient care equipment up and running.  But sometimes other departments aren’t aware of the full extent of the work that CE does.

One way the CE department can better communicate what it does to the wider hospital community is by reporting regularly to staff.  Not only can such regular communication help other departments realize the value of the CE department, but it can also facilitate internal benchmarking (i.e., showing how the sum of CE’s activities compare to those of previous years) and help identify signifi cant trends.  Such communication can also provide a means for notifying clinical department managers of specifi c issues impacting their equipment, such as excessive repair frequency, recalls, and product discontinuations.

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