Five Tips For Controlling Costs

In Hospitals And Biomed Shops

By Bud DeGraff

Hospital budgets are decreasing annually, while at the same time, expectations of staff and service are increasing.  With biomedical and clinical engineering shops being responsible for some of the most expensive and life-critical equipment in the hospital, it is vital for biomed department managers to find ways to control their own costs while still servicing and maintaining equipment at a high level.  The five tips presented here can help hospital executives and biomed managers learn how to stay on top of cost management without cutting corners and sacrificing service.

1. Examine service contracts and right-size coverage levels.
2. Track down and redeploy inventory to improve productivity.
3. Pay attention to asset life cycle and total cost of ownership.
4. Use technology as an enabler to save money, not cost money.
5. Set appropriate, attainable benchmarks for continuous improvement.

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Published on Monday, September 30, 2013 – 24×7 Magazine.