Wi-Fi For Hospital Smart Pump Applications

What does the team of medical technology experts at CareFusion do when they are unsure about capabilities of Wi-Fi systems in hospitals needed to safely and effectively run smart IV pumps?

They take action, and optimize the Wi-Fi architecture themselves.

Join us as we discuss advances in smart pump technology and the integral role of Wi-Fi for its current and future applications with the Vice President of Connectivity at CareFusion, Dan Pettus.

In this first edition of Meru Network’s Wi-Fi Clinic, Pettus explains how CareFusion responds to the need for enterprise-level Wi-Fi infrastructure in hospitals in order for smart pump technology—a critical care mainstay in today’s healthcare landscape—to function safely and effectively.

Smart pump technology has come a long way in the past few decades and there’s room for advancement yet. In this podcast, Pettus offers his predictions for where hospital device technology is heading next – and how reliable wireless connectivity will be essential to its progress.

What You’ll Learn:

– Why smart pumps have become the standard of care
Learn more about CareFusion infusion devices, which provide sophisticated medication administration to manage drug infusion.
These infusion devices, known categorically as smart pumps, have become a mainstay in hospitals across North America. It’s a matter of greater patient safety.

– How smart pump applications have improved with wireless connectivity
As Pettus explains, smart pump technology has come a long way since the concept was invented.
Before the introduction of wireless communication, smart pumps had to be pulled out of service and brought back into hospital biomedical labs in order to update the drug libraries. It wasn’t just ineffective; this disruptive process also reduced the number of available pumps in each facility.
The need for device communication to update drug libraries, the pumps themselves, and other systems was obvious. Pettus says CareFusion started with a wired approach.
But that didn’t last long. In the early days of Wi-Fi in hospitals, CareFusion knew their devices would need more sophisticated communications architecture to deliver the most effective and securely connected solutions.

– How CareFusion takes action on the need for enterprise-level Wi-Fi
When CareFusion works with hospitals equipped with a Wi-Fi environment, they optimize the connection to ensure a significant number of devices can be safely and effectively supported on the system.

– Expert predictions for the future of hospital devices technology
Pettus envisions the industry moving towards a holistic, patient-centric management system, where hospitals have “closed the loop” between multiple enterprise application capabilities. With all points of care interconnected by one secure, real-time system, hospitals could:
— Eliminate potential medication errors, such as keystroke errors on smart pumps.
— Improve hospital operations productivity by connecting all medical devices at point of care, including patient monitors, ventilators and beds.
— Streamline sophisticated drug infusion processes (and other medical device applications) for greater efficiency and patient safety.

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